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  • The most competitive fee for online Chess training
  • New daily interactive chess lessons
  • World renowned Chess Trainers
  • Experience in training stars and amateurs
  • Class recordings available for viewing for at least a week

About 365 Academy

365 Chess Academy provides chess players from all over the World the chance to be trained by some of the most experienced and respected chess trainers in the World. Our trainers are all very strong players with successes as players, but have been hired for their skills in decoding the game and explaining it to others.
Classes are provided through the ZOOM platform at different times, giving all students a chance to experience some live classes, while other classes can be streamed at your convenience for a limited time afterwards.
Our classes are focused on the needs of the members; feedback and surveys are used to constantly improve the service we provide to you.
The financial cost of joining is highly competitive (although it will soon increase).
Our classes are based on a few different templates:
We have the Courses, where a trainer will go deep into a topic over a period of time. As long as the Course has not been concluded, it will be possible to review the previous lessons. Such ongoing courses are Technical Rook Endgame and Mastering Postional Consepts, for example. Later it will be possible to buy the course for streaming. Members will get a considerable discount.
We have Recurring one-off classes with varying themes, such as New Ideas in the Opening, Game of the Week, Thinking Aloud and others.
We have Homework Club where it is possible to submit weekly homework and get personalised feedback.
Finally, as a new thing, we are building a Fundamentals series making it possible for students to review the basics of chess. This will be supported by classes called Fundamentals in Action, building or adding to this knowledge. For yearly members, the Fundamentals series will be available at all times.
If you are interested in learning more about our training platform, please send us an email or a message on Facebook and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also provide with a free pass for a class of your choice, so that you can attend live. For recording sessions, please scroll down and on the Courses section, you can find a lot of free classes for you to attend.


1 Month Subscription

$ 99
  • Acces to all Webinars for one month
  • Access to the forum for one month

3 Months Subscription

$ 249
  • Acces to all Webinars for three month
  • Access to the forum for three month

1 Year Subscription

$ 499
  • Acces to all Webinars for one Year
  • Access to the forum for one Year

Lesson Schedule

All Dates are shown in London Timezone GMT

If you click on the “Download Google-Calendar” Button all dates will be in your own Google-Calendar.
They will be in your timezone and will update automatically as soon as new dates will be added.

Frequently Asked Questions

You choose the subscription you like, you go to the basket, you fill in your personal information and after you’ve read terms and contitions, press “Place order”. Fill in your details, check out and pay. If you choose to pay with a bank transfer, please send us a proof of payment, so that we will process your payment fast and you will get access to the content.

All transactions are processed through PayPal or direct bank transfer and hence it’s 100% safe.

Because you are passionate about chess and want to understand it better and improve your results

There is a common misconception that the higher the rating, the stronger the trainer. This is not so. Our trainers are experienced in training with decades of experience and many successes. They have assisted with many World Championship matches, been captains for Olympiad teams, produced titled players, written award winning books and accrued lots of experience working with improving players of all levels.


Yes, they have also reached great results in their own right, championships and Olympiad medals. Had high ratings and defeated famous opponents. But the main reason why we feel certain 365 Chess Academy will be the right choice for you, is our trainers’ long and solid experience and the academy’s commitment to constantly improve and provide you with the best learning experience we can create.

We have happy members from 1200 to 2500+. From young players with a little tournament experience to seasoned grandmasters. Obviously, some classes will be challenging for the less experienced members, while others will be progressing a bit slowly seen from the perspective of professionals. But chess is magical in the way that even if you cannot find the best move in a position, it is not difficult to understand why it is the best move, when explained well.

We have a number of IMs and GMs signed up who are very happy with the lessons. We are always happy to answer questions about what we can do for you.

The number one is cost. The second is convenience. Because of technology we are able to have lessons in our home without the need for travel and accommodation. Also, we record the lessons and you can access them later.


While face to face training has a number of advantages and should be preferred if available, most often it is not. Online is not significantly inferior.

Our classes are live and based on interaction between the members and the trainers. While being the sole focus of the trainer’s attention can improve your confidence and sometimes be a shortcut to improvement through special insights, the experience of classroom learning is not significantly inferior. The knowledge conveyed will be the same and the encouragement to learn from the trainers will be the same. In place of the singular attention from the trainer comes the possibility of learning from your fellow student’s questions and experience and the natural camaraderie that arises.

Our classes are scheduled over three time zones. We try to provide everyone with a reasonable amount of live classes, but no one will be able to attend all the classes live. However, the recordings are available for 14 days after they have been aired and longer when it comes to the longer courses with narrow topics.


Hardly anyone is able to watch all of the lessons. Pick what is most appealing to you and enjoy it. The overload of classes should not get in the way of your learning experience!

We are too! In order to learn you have to be involved.


Therefore, our teachers are not just conveying information, but asking a lot of questions from the students. We also have a weekly homework club, where you can submit your answers and get feedback in good time before the class and try again.

Our classes are varied and even if only one lesson per week is to your liking, you would find full value for your membership.


In principle, our fees are non-refundable, but if you find out after 2-3 days that signing up to 365 Chess Academy has been a horrible mistake, please get in touch with our admin team and we will be happy to have a conversation with you.


Also, you can contact us and request to join a class for free and/or some links or recorded classes, so that you can get an idea of how things work in our on-line chess Academy.


We also have monthly and quarterly memberships available.

We are in the process of  partnering with Klarna, which is a way to have monthly instalments. What is important to understand is that this is similar to taking out a loan. We receive the full payment when you sign up and you will have to pay the credit company the money back in instalments. Your obligation will be to the credit company, not 365 Chess Academy! If you fail to meet your repayments, it does not terminate your membership, but is the same as defaulting on a personal loan.


We do not recommend accepting the instalment plan if there is any doubt in your mind that you can pay all the instalments in time.

Yes, it’s our monthly membership and it is non-refundable. If you buy the monthly membership and within 7 days you want to upgrade to a full yearly membership, you will pay $400.

After your order is placed, out team will go and check that the money is in our account. After confirmation of payment, they change the status of your order and then you should automatically receive an email with a temporary password, which you use to log in. Please check your spam folder. If the password is not there, send us a message using the form on the bottom of the page, or send a message to our Facebook page and we will send you a password.

Simple! You go to the Forum and find the relevant course and you ask your question. The trainer, or another member, will get back to you. The idea is that we build a community around the academy, where people are helping each other.

You have to have a memership on, which is free. Once you are there, search for the 365 Chess Academy and become a member.

Also, members of the academy are organising games and tournaments for which you can get more details on the Forum.