Chess training from World class trainers

  • About 500 hours of chess training per year, $1 per hour
  • New live classes every day
  • World renowned Chess Trainers
  • Experienced in training stars and amateurs
  • Classes available for reviewing for at least a week

About 365 Academy

Our 365 Chess Academy, a joint venture of GM RB Ramesh, recently recognized by FIDE as one of the best trainers of the World,
and GM Jacob Aagaard, co-founder οf Quality Chess, brings you Chess Coaching by World-renowned mentors, all famous and top Grandmasters interacting with you daily.

We have five weekly classes; the Homework Club with GM Jacob Aagaard, Interactive Coaching with GM RB Ramesh, and three classes with changing instructors u1800 Workgroup, New Ideas in the Opening and Game of the Week.

Alongside the weekly classes, we will run time-limited comprehensive courses.

Initially, we have The Basics of Calculation with GM Jacob Aagaard, Positional Play with GM RB Ramesh, Kasparov’s Chess Evolution 1979-1984 by GM Iván Salgado López, Navigating Inferior Positions by GM Sam Shankland and Thoughts on Stategy by GM Julen Arizmendi.

Coaching for everyone, every single day throughout the year and at a never before price!

When: Our Lessons began 1st January 2020

How long: At least one Live lesson daily, aproximatelly 1 hour long

Timings: Varied for three continents, Asia; Europe and the Americas and will be published 1-2 weeks in advance.See our Google Calendar below.

The lessons will be recordered and accessible in the Vault for 7 days for the weekly classes and 14 days for the 13-week courses.

Fee: You won’t believe it! $499 for a whole year. 365 days. $1 per hour of teaching!

Please scroll down to the trainers and the courses sections to see samples of the classes.

Check out the FAQ, which is being updated all the time with the questions we are receiving.

And don’t worry, if after 2-3 days you decide this is not for you, send us a message and we will work things out.



1 Month Subscription

$ 99
  • Acces to all Webinars for one month
  • Access to the forum for one month

3 Months Subscription

$ 249
  • Acces to all Webinars for three month
  • Access to the forum for three month

1 Year Subscription

$ 499
  • Acces to all Webinars for one Year
  • Access to the forum for one Year

Lesson Schedule

All Dates are shown in London Timezone GMT

If you click on the “Download Google-Calendar” Button all dates will be in your own Google-Calendar.
They will be in your timezone and will update automatically as soon as new dates will be added.

Frequently asked Questions

You choose the subscription you like, you go to the basket, you fill in your personal information and after you’ve read terms and contitions, press “Place order”. You will get information about our bank account. To pay via Paypal, please send us an email to give you the email ID.

All transactions are processed through PayPal or direct bank transfer and hence it’s 100% safe.

This is real time coaching with a direct interaction between coach and student. They have a voice/video call and they also share a chess board online. The students have a chat box available and the tutor can asnwer their questions in real time. After the class, go to Forum, where our coaches will be available and they can answer further questions.

Yes. And for that reason, we have created the special u1800 class. But you should attend the other classes as well, even if you find them difficult, to train your brain.

Because you want to understand and play chess better. We are offering daily lessons with high-quality coaches in many different topics and styles. Progress in chess takes time. With 365 you will find the consistency you need. 

We do actually not assume that anyone will be able to participate in all classes. With time differences of up to 12 hours between the far East and the West Coast of the United States, the timings of some classes will not work for you. For this reason, we are working on having them saved in a vault for revisiting for a week or two after broadcasting. What we do not want anyone to feel is that the lessons will not be useful if you skip some of them, even within the same course. Working on chess always help long term. Do not be too hung up on ticking boxes.

The beauty of chess is that it is very hard to play, but easier to understand. You may not understand a position before it is explained to you, but afterwards it is hard to see why you felt it was difficult!

So, some explanations may be a bit more explicit than the grandmasters need and some details will elude the club player with limited experience, but there will be something new and challenging for everyone in every class.

Furthermore, if you have any doubts or questions, you can communicate with the lecturers on the Forum. They will pop in from time to time to answers questions relating to their classes and we are sure that you will find a lot of support from your fellow students as well.

In one-on-one coaching, you get the full attention of a trainer on your needs and this can both be very reaffirming and reassuring. All of us train students one on one from time to time and it has its advantages. But generally for chess learning, classroom work is not significantly inferior, as the knowledge conveyed will be the same and the encouragement to learn from the trainers will be the same. In place of the singular attention from the trainer comes the possibility of learning from your fellow student’s questions and experience and the natural camaraderie that arises.

365 Chess Academy is classroom teaching. You can ask questions. You can submit positions and games to some lessons and post them on the forum for feedback. The lecturers will not have time to answer everything, but as not all questions are unique, most will be answered.

Like most other Internet forums with many possible debate points. Some will circle around the lectures where the coaches will answer questions relating to their last lesson only. Some topics will be chosen by the users entirely. The only thing different is that you have to be a subscriber to log into the forum. Our moderator will be busy enough with the subscribers.

Our classes are varied and even if only one lesson per week is to your liking, you would find full value for $499 per year.

In principle, our fees are non-refundable, but if you find out after 2-3 days that signing up to 365 Chess Academy has been a horrible mistake, please get in touch with our admin team and we will be happy to have a conversation with you.

Also, you can contact us and request to join a class for free and/or some links or recorded classes, so that you can get an idea of how things work in our on-line chess Academy.

Our main academy is aimed at a 1400+ level, often with material that is useful for titled players as well. But we are planning to expand with additional classes for those new to chess over time. At the moment we have the u1800 classes in the schedule, which will aim to make things as accessible as possible to those with less experience in chess.

We have many GMs signed up for the Academy. If you think you are up for a chalenge, contact us to give a go to our weekly Homework club by GM Jacob Aagaard.

We have five weekly classes; the Homework Club with GM Jacob Aagaard, Interactive Coaching with GM RB Ramesh, and three classes with changing instructors u1800 Workgroup, New Ideas in the Opening and Game of the Week. These classes remain available for 7 days after they air and then the older recording is replaced by the most recent one.

Alongside the weekly classes, are running run time-limited comprehensive courses. These courses (all of their 13 classes) will be available for 14 days after the last class of the course airs.